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Concept Data Centre solutions are committed to excellence in the data center design/build process. Our proven methodology is designed to minimize the disruption of your business during deployment. These are just some of the services we offer

Building a Data center is a complex challenge requiring specific design and engineering skills. Concept Data Center solution set will provide you with step-by-step design, planning and selection tools in order to define a facility design that minimizes costs and risk while supporting cost-effective long-term growth. Our Comprehensive Data Center solutions including transformation, systems management devices and building secure and energy efficient infrastructure environment. We help you re-engineer data center infrastructure, align capacity with business outcomes and help customers realize full potential of their investments.

Data Center facilities require specific industrial design and engineering requirements to meet the needs for fire-protection, power provisioning, stand-by power, cooling, physical security, and layout. General construction benchmarks are not always accurate - the absence of early budgeting and requirements definition risks cost overruns by as much as 25-50%.

As one of the few systems integrators accredited by not only Cisco, HP, IBM, Emerson and APC we are architecturally and operationally independent—allowing us to identify and implement the precise combination of hardware, software and services that will give your business the edge that comes from Data Center Excellence.

Concept consultants possess the expertise required to design and execute crucial Data Center processes from concept to deployment. We maximize results & efficiencies, minimize risks, and optimize workflow for your data center, with the overall goal of lowering total cost of ownership of IT assets and increasing your data center return on investment.

Below are a few areas where building management systems can play an important role in the data center Following solutions are offered by us as a part of Data center Design and Build Solutions.

  • Assessment and Scope - The success of a Data Center design or relocation is achieved with clearly defined objectives and requirements for work, resources, products, schedules and cost.
  • Redesign - As your technology needs change, Concept solution architects facilitate a cost-effective redesign of your Data Center. This process regularly increases return on investment and maximizes space utilization.
  • Relocations - CITIL offers services beyond relocation of equipment that ensures the efficient operation of your Data Center.
  • Consolidation - We provide consolidation planning services using industry-standard best practices that maximize efficiencies and dramatically reduce Data Center real estate costs.
  • Power Solutions - We provide power solutions that lower your costs and increase your power utilization.

Why is Data Center Monitoring important to effective data center management?

  • Data center management is tasked with keeping a finger on the pulse of an environment that is becoming increasingly complex and difficult to manage and an environment that is becoming much more critical to the survival and competitiveness of the enterprise. The goal of data center monitoring is to provide an IT view into the data center facility to provide an accurate real-time picture of the current state of the critical infrastructure.
  • A primary concern for IT management is choosing how to correctly size the overall data center infrastructure. This choice requires accurate and complete data and intelligent interpretation of this data, where under-provisioning of infrastructure means costly downtime, and over-provisioning means millions of dollars wasted. Data center monitoring provides IT management with access to capacity information that can more accurately predict future requirements. Energy efficiency can also be improved by consistently monitoring the impact of infrastructure changes using accurate real-time data.
  • The data center infrastructure is a rapidly-evolving entity that contains hundreds or even thousands of devices from a wide range of manufacturers. Each piece of equipment must be understood - whether it is functioning well on a day-to-day basis, how it fits into and supports the overall environment and how the environment and the applications and systems it supports will be impacted if it fails. Thousands of alerts from all of this data center equipment must be sifted through to get a true understanding of the environment and to make good decisions about changes that need to be made.

Asset Management

  • Extensive detail and asset information including servers, networking, and storage
  • Instantly get a picture of what assets you have, who owns them and where they are located
  • Reports facilitate auditing and compliance of your assets
  • Quickly search for assets and get detailed information with a click

Capacity Management

  • Available power outlets on rack PDU
  • Available power capacity at rack and upstream
  • Available network ports with media & connector match

Change Management

  • Issue Request, Approve Request
  • Issue Work order, Complete Work order
  • Monitor and Manage
  • Remove unnecessary steps and delay from manual efforts
  • Verify all information is within request and all parties are informed
  • Coordinate and eliminate duplicate requests.

Energy Management

  • Automatically collect data from Building feeds, IT loads, and non-IT loads
  • Automatically calculate and trend PUE in all data centers across the world
  • Immediately see the impact of energy efficiency initiatives
  • Compare your PUE Year over Year and with industry peers

Environment Management

  • Interactive Data Center Health Map
  • Real-time interactive data center floor map provides color coded bird's eye view of key data including active power, current & capacity, temperature, humidity, air flow, differential pressure and events on per cabinet basis
  • Pinpoint the source for threshold alerts and events as well as rack PDU performance

Power Management

  • Complete Data Center Power Monitoring
  • Total Usage vs budgeted capacity at a cabinet level
  • Monitor cabinet level power usage trends over time
  • With outlet level metered iPDUs see aggregated power consumption across multiple power supplies in server

Concept Approach

For every engagement we begin with defining and understanding the project requirements for the data center and identifying the business objectives. This is followed by an assessment and audit of the available assets and inevitable detriments. We then establish the design criteria and create a preliminary design to summarize the associated project build costs.

Concepts maintains relationships with the industries, 'best-of-breed', critical infrastructure suppliers, local architect/engineers and construction partners. This ensures you receive the best possible equipment cost, with the most favorable delivery terms and have it installed by the most skilled craftsman. Concept has skillful resources required to operate and manage the BMS system which integrate with IT facility and other systems such as cooling, power, security, lighting, fire suppression and monitoring.

  • Physical Site Security
  • Lighting Control
  • Effective & Efficient Cooling
  • Power Distribution
  • Alerts indicating conditions that threaten security, safety or uptime
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Data collection
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Enable planning and upgrades
  • Improve efficiency
What are the Benefits of Data Center monitoring?
  • Optimized Infrastructure with Data Center Monitoring
    Data center monitoring provides real-time data to accurately depict the current power and cooling use, allowing data center management to do a better job of optimizing their infrastructure.
  • Data center monitoring also helps to improve energy efficiency by more accurate measurement of power consumption and environmental conditions.
  • Data Center Monitoring Improves Availability
    Data center monitoring can provide a single view of alerts and real-time data for IT management. Centralized event logging allows management to make timely, critical decisions in response to potential disruptions.
  • Data Center Monitoring in Capacity Planning
    Data center monitoring provides real-time data that can help optimize infrastructure resources to match business demands. The value of capacity management revolves around a resource utilization argument. Over-provisioning costs the organization in underutilized or unused resources. Under-provisioning results in failures to meet SLAs, disruptions in service (downtime), the added cost of using co-location or hosting facilities or "rush" charges in provisioning new resources (or building a new data center

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  • "Concept has been awarded contract for supply and implementation of 30TF HPC Cluster by Indian Institute of Science Bangalore."

  • “Concept Bags order from RCI Hyderabad of Rs. 12.25 Crores for Designing, Installing, Developing and Maintenance of 100 TF HPC Cluster with Data Centre. “